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Green Acre$

Saturday, April 1, 2000

Green Acre$

How Taxpayers are Subsidizing the Demise of the Family Farm

View and Download the report here: Green Acres

Taxpayers may not realize it, but the money they send to Washington is hastening the demise of family farms through the agricultural subsidy pro- grams that purport to save them.

A computer investigation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) concludes that the flow of farm subsidies has never been more biased in favor of large operations than it has been in recent years under the controversial “Freedom to Farm” policies introduced in 1996.

The study comes at a time of severe economic distress for many family farmers. A grow- ing number of farmers and many farm state leaders are calling for a moratorium to cool down the merger mania in agriculture that is concentrating ownership and control at every level in the food and fiber system, including farms and the companies that supply their inputs and buy their products.

Key Issues: