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New Year, New Cosmetics

Monday, January 9, 2017

My New Year's resolution is to make an extra effort to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Luckily, EWG's scientists and researchers work hard to give us the tools to limit our exposures to harmful chemicals. A great place to start is with personal care products.

Here's the bad news: Cosmetics companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient in their products. That's right – they can put almost anything in the products you use on your body.  Some of the chemicals they use, such as phthalates and parabens, have been linked to serious health problems, including endocrine disruption and reproductive harm.

But here’s the good news: EWG is raising the bar for the cosmetics and the personal care industry with our EWG VERIFIED™ program.

In order to qualify for the EWG VERIFIED™ mark, products must meet robust criteria. Companies can’t use substances that have been banned by U.S. or international government agencies, or public health bodies such as the World Health Organization. Manufacturers must also fully disclose everything they put in their products – including the chemicals in "fragrance," a vague catch-all term that can hide lots of potentially harmful or untested ingredients – and follow good manufacturing practices.

I’m asking you to join EWG’s new challenge, which we call Raise the Bar. Swap one of the personal care products you use daily for a healthier version like one of the EWG VERIFIED™ products. The full list of verified products can be found here.


Want to do more to help the movement for better beauty?

Use the hashtag #RaiseTheBar when you want to share about an EWG VERIFIED™ product or encourage companies to make healthier products in order to get verified. We might select your post for the stream below and share it with our social media audience.


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